Al Furaih Group

Branding, Web Design

The Challenge

Reincarnating the brand identity, including a logo that had been used for 25 years, presented huge challenges for us when we started working for Al Furaih Group. Their brand identity was aging rapidly leaving the company yearning for a fresh start. We took time to understand their vision and reasons for change before giving them a road map of the entire rebranding exercise. We even met with a few of their customers to know how they would react to the change. Getting all the stake holders on the same page was half of our challenge.

A Fresh Approach

Al Furaih had an asymmetric logo with orange and navy blue that disagreed to work together. We had to bring in an element of magenta that perfectly complements the blue. We then worked on the logo to project a much modern image of a brand without moving too far away from their 25 year old logo. The custom stationery and the special packaging that they use for their IT solutions had to be completely redesigned to bring in the new colors that stood for their new vision. We then worked on a device responsive state-of-the-art website design that perfectly complements their new brand image.

Reincarnation of a brand identity

The New Look

Color Palette


Website Design