Al Rushaid Farms

Branding, Integrated Marketing

The Challenge

An existing player in the market, Al Rushaid Agricultural Company turned to hydroponic farming to grow their products, ensuring that they provided their existing customers with superior quality. They wanted to reach out to new customers with this proven concept. How do you position your brand in such a competitive marketplace? That was the challenge for Al Rushaid's Agri Team. For their potential customers, they wanted to stand out. For their existing customers, they wanted to make a statement. We proposed a brave approach. Further, time was of the essence. allowing only a month for the team to create a compelling new brand for the offer and in turn, translate that into reality.

Our Solution

Following our research into the company, its customers and uncovering its key differentiators, we began experimenting with concepts and sketches. Al Rushaid Farms has a unique offering of fresh and superior quality products thru hydroponics; so this became one of our key starting points for the brand direction. Inspired by Al Rushaid Farm’s offering, we began exploring organic shapes that move around the concept of hydroponics. And to bring in the element of “freshness” we chose suitable colors. We were then all set to start on the packaging design. Once the design concepts were narrowed down from 3 to 2 routes, we used further qualitative research to inform our last design route and refine on pack communication.

The Logo


Color Palette