Alyoum Restaurant

Branding, Integrated Marketing

The Challenge

Alyoum helped move the fried chicken from grease to gourmet indulgence in Al Khobar. But, after a period of rapid growth as customers' expectations changed and the market began bustling with new competitors, Alyoum was beginning to lose its personality and direction. Already tackling some of the issues head on, the senior team brought us on board to help define a clear purpose that could drive real change across a large, multi-lingual service company.


Through a series of workshops, we helped Alyoum rediscover what brought them together, what mattered most to them and what would help them stand out in the market – their fried chicken obsession. This key insight led to core beliefs and a brand strategy that would be applied across every aspect of the company's operations from menu creation, retail environment design and hiring practices.