The Challenge

As a new player in an overcrowded, commoditized market, Zivot leadership team faced an uphill battle. Not only were they charged with bringing a new product line to market in the face of a severe global economic downturn, but they were also an independent enterprise competing against a host of well-established companies possessing multiple portfolios. Further, time was of the essence. Allowing only a month for the team to create a compelling new brand for the offer and in turn, translate that into reality.

Our Solution

Zivot and Blurbium teams worked in partnership to transform the entire apparel experience. By challenging existing conventions, inspiring new ways of thinking and unlocking insights about what was missing in the market we were able to reimagine every aspect. By conceiving of an experience that would resonate with "people want to live to the fullest, to fly, to be free" we created an identity that was contemporary, authentic, energizing and welcoming – setting a new standard for the category for years to come.